White Popcorn - It's not just me!

Someone from Michigan (Hello Michigan!) came to my blog yesterday because my Is White Popcorn EXTINCT? post popped up in their google search. - What were their search terms? "Why can't I find white popcorn!"

No kidding. That's what they were looking for! Also in their search results was a letter to a newspaper in Maine asking the same thing!

It's not just me!!!

FYI, I ordered some white popcorn online. We'll see how that goes.


Josie said...

I did comment on the first popcorn post but it was clearly too rude and you've moderated it out of existence. . . or I didn't hit enter or something. . . :-) I did say I have some white popcorn kernels you can have. Best before Oct 2010, but you're welcome to them!
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

It wasn't rude and I didn't delete it! Lol! You mentioned it when you replied to the next post. It's still there :)

I thanked you for the offer but said I was going to try to find a local supplier for my "fix!" :D The place I found seems to be ok but I'm not ready to fully commit. I haven't been in much of a popcorn mood the past few days so that doesn't help!

Thank you (Twice!) for the awesome offer!

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