I'm using up samples

All those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, creams, toothpaste, razors, and shoe polish, from hotels, gift baskets, and eager sales people? I've got about 3 large zip lock bags full of them, and I'm finally going to use them.

I know... I should save them for traveling, right? Do YOU use those when you travel? I don't! I think I will, but I don't. I either travel with small bottles of my tried and true products, or I use the small bottles provided by hotels and bring home about 5 to 10 more little bottles and soaps by the end of my visit. And if I'm visiting relatives or friends I again bring the products I'm used to, or I use their stuff. They like their stuff. Maybe I will too!

So these zip lock bags full of tiny little bottles saved for traveling? They haven't been getting used. But they are now! 

I will not be buying any new toiletries until I've used up all the stuff in those bags. I reserve the right to try something, decide I hate it, and throw it out if needed, and in an emergency I still have some of my regular products on standby, but the assortment of tiny bottles and soaps will be my only source of bathroom supplies until they all run out. - Which I think could take a good year or two!

Some of these last longer than I expected. I'd been thinking that each product had enough for one use, but not so! A small "packet" of toothpaste (Think foil packet that ketsup comes in at a fast food place) is lasting me a full week, and sample bottles of shampoo and conditioner are lasting about that long too. Soap seems to last forever (even the small ones) and I rarely use moisturizer so lotion samples will probably last forever too.

I'm kind of excited by this! I like using up stuff. I just hope nothing blinds me or turns my hair green.

Bacon Mints - Don't try these at home!

I've been seeing these online for a while and was curious. I'd bought Bacon Salt a while back and it's surprisingly good. I thought the mints might taste similarly.

Not so.

Bacon Mints taste like a cross between a medicinal type of mint flavor, and a hint of old leftover grease or lard that's been sitting around for a few days. There's no salty bacon-y taste at all. - If Bertie Bott made a menthol and lard bean, this'd be it!

I had such high hopes.

Um... it's not possible for mints to go bad is it?

Edit: I just checked and "Bacon Salt" and "Bacon Mints" are not made by the same company. - That shoulda been my first clue!

5 year old's costume ideas

What do you want to be for Halloween?
Maybe a witch!
A witch! That'd be fun!
Or a dog!
A dog!
Or a marker!
A marker? 
Yeah because I like to draw. 

Candy Corn Tree

Saw this (from Woman's Day)

Made this

I love my tree!

I've recently developed a "bugs in the house" phobia, so the sticks and leaves are plastic. About $2 at Michaels. The candy corn.... also fake. Made out of Sculpy/Fimo which I happened to have lying around. (Ok nothing actually "lies around" in my home. It was neatly stored with like craft items, but you get the idea!) 

At one point I had fake candy corns in one hand and real ones (my models) in the other, and I absentmindedly put one in my mouth. I was about to bite down when I had a moment of panic. "Which one did I put in my mouth!!???" - It was a real one :)