Candy Corn Tree

Saw this (from Woman's Day)

Made this

I love my tree!

I've recently developed a "bugs in the house" phobia, so the sticks and leaves are plastic. About $2 at Michaels. The candy corn.... also fake. Made out of Sculpy/Fimo which I happened to have lying around. (Ok nothing actually "lies around" in my home. It was neatly stored with like craft items, but you get the idea!) 

At one point I had fake candy corns in one hand and real ones (my models) in the other, and I absentmindedly put one in my mouth. I was about to bite down when I had a moment of panic. "Which one did I put in my mouth!!???" - It was a real one :)


Kelly said...

So freaking cool! Nicely done, I love it.

Anny Sabine said...

And here I was hoping it was a fimo one.. ;)

It looks so autumn-y if that is a proper word (it's not, I know). I wish I could have one in my apartment too, sadly I think my cats would attack it, chew it into pieces and I'd have to pick up pieces of branches and fake candy corn until next summer :/

Noisy Quiet said...

Kelly: Thank you! When I saw the picture online I thought MUST MAKE THIS!!! :D

Anny: I have no idea if I used Sculpy or Fimo or both. Once labels come off, I forget which is which!

When I had pets I was also very restricted in what could and couldn't be left out. - Neatly stacked piles of paper? HA! Recipe for disaster! Christmas Tree? Seriously? Are you kidding me? ;)

Anny Sabine said...

I had a Christmas tree when I brough home a kitty once. Let's just say that it took a while to clean all the glitter and broken ornaments up, however the tree itself was pretty popular for hiding and climbing :P

Noisy Quiet said...

After the first bout of climbing and broken ornaments I made the tree off limits! Yeah, no fun, I know. Nowadays I think I'd just get unbreakable ornaments. Let 'em climb, as long as the tree is strong enough to not topple!

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