Having Trouble With Blogger?

There are several bugs affecting Blogger at the moment.

  • One of them seems to be causing blogs to disappear for no reason. (If my blog ever disappears, look for me at this same URL but substitute "wordpress" for "blogspot.")
  • Another is causing error messages to appear when trying to use any of Blogger's features (design, post, comment etc)
  • Another is wreaking havoc with some widgets including the followers widget and a few 3rd party gadgets.
  • Another issue is causing embedded comment forms to disappear so no one can leave a comment. My fix for that is here. Alternatively, you can just change your comment settings to "pop up" or "full page" for now.
  • The other big issue which seems to be affecting random bloggers is the inability to sign in. People trying to sign in keep getting re-directed to the sign in page AGAIN. If this last bug is affecting you, the temporary workaround seems to be to uncheck "remember me" when you log in.

Clearing your cache/cookies/history and restarting the computer also never hurts.

There! Now there's no reason for people to not comment HERE Lol! :D

White Peacock

Here's the one I didn't see the other day (Not the lady!)

* My apologies to Josie and anyone else who is bird phobic!

Uh oh. It looks like Blogger is crashing...

If you check my comments in the previous post you'll see that I was having trouble with Blogger earlier today. A quick look through Blogger's help forum shows that I am not the only one who experienced this issue. Now, in addition to comment forms going missing, entire blogs are disappearing and errors are popping up all over people's blogs. If the help forum is any indication, Blogger is having some system-wide issues that seem to be getting worse. I'm sure they'll address it, but in the meantime, if this blog disappears, well... I'll be back as soon as I can!

Going to back up now...

Edit: Oh good for me! I held the same name for myself over at Wordpress way back when. If this blog ever disappears, check for me there (

There's nothing there now. Just a placeholder pointing back to here.

Edit 2: Found a solution to the missing embedded comment form (besides reverting to an older template.) I'm posting the code fix here partially for myself to remember if it happens again, as well as for anyone else who might be looking for this solution on Google.

I need a name

I made a separate blog for my oneword entries, but I can't "un hide" it or finish it up until it has a name. (Ok, I could, but I don't wanna!)

I've spent 3 days obsessing about it and now I have a headache.

Your turn. - Don't all jump at once.

- FYI, to help: I'd like a shortish name (1-3 words) It's a blog of entries that are inspired by a word of the day ( * See the "One Word" tab above). I write the entries in about 60 seconds. I may someday include other writing exercises there - Short daily type ones. The template style/look is "parchment"-y.

Go! ;)

(Oh and there's no prize. I get the prize which may be my headache going away.
-And you probably get another notch on your Karma belt which could make the difference between whether or not you come back as an amoeba.)


The stuff that goes on in my neighborhood...

I saw her from the window and went down to take a picture. The drums went on for hours. Catchy beat ;)


I saw a package of sunblock that I thought said "Weightloss Sunblock." Needless to say that got my attention. I mean heck, what could be better?

Sadly, what it really said was Weightless Sunblock.

- I think what I originally read would be a far better product.


I wanted to go for a walk yesterday but needed some motivation. I called a friend and she suggested I look for peacocks. She knows I like doing this sometimes.

I found two yesterday. There's a third one I missed. I'll have to go back.


One Word Page

I've just added a new page! Look up there in my menu bar. See it?

I've been wanting to incorporate my entries into this blog somehow but I also wanted an easy way to do it - a way that wouldn't require my copying and pasting every time.
<entering geek mode>

An RSS feed seemed like a possible solution but doesn't have RSS feeds for individuals' pages. I requested the feature and was told it's on a list. In the meantime I created my own feed using Feed43's services, then used Feed2JS to get an embed code to put it into a page and voila - I now have a page here on the blog with my most recent entries. I still need to play with the formatting a little bit, but for now it works well enough for... well... well enough for me to go "voila!" :)

</geek mode>
Even on days when I don't write a full blog post I often write a OneWord entry. So if you want more to read, check out my One Word page in my menubar. It will automatically update every time I post something new at

Edit: The feed worked fine, but I've now moved my OneWord entries to a separate blog. See the widget in my sidebar for "Keeping My Words."