Having Trouble With Blogger?

There are several bugs affecting Blogger at the moment.

  • One of them seems to be causing blogs to disappear for no reason. (If my blog ever disappears, look for me at this same URL but substitute "wordpress" for "blogspot.")
  • Another is causing error messages to appear when trying to use any of Blogger's features (design, post, comment etc)
  • Another is wreaking havoc with some widgets including the followers widget and a few 3rd party gadgets.
  • Another issue is causing embedded comment forms to disappear so no one can leave a comment. My fix for that is here. Alternatively, you can just change your comment settings to "pop up" or "full page" for now.
  • The other big issue which seems to be affecting random bloggers is the inability to sign in. People trying to sign in keep getting re-directed to the sign in page AGAIN. If this last bug is affecting you, the temporary workaround seems to be to uncheck "remember me" when you log in.

Clearing your cache/cookies/history and restarting the computer also never hurts.

There! Now there's no reason for people to not comment HERE Lol! :D


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