Outed Myself (anon-wise)

I have a highly intelligent friend. I believe we determined she's about 5 IQ points higher than me ;) As such, since I just mistakenly emailed her from this blog's account, I'm pretty sure she'll put things together and find me here!


So, ummmm... Hmmm... don't know what to call you... you'll have to tell me. I'll call you... "A" for the moment ;)

I'm pretty sure there's nothing here you don't already know or wouldn't know. I blog anonymously so feel free to read, comment, and don't use my actual name. - Hmmm... now I could probably tell stories about us on here. Don't think I'd done that yet. Was thinking about it re our recent discussion about toaster guy and foil hats ;)

Ah well... one "real life" person now knows where I blog. Luckily, she's pretty awesome :)

(Let's see what else I can mess up today...)