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I'm thinking about doing March's NaBloPoMo, but I'm not sure I'll be able to fully commit. There's just too much going on that keeps me away from the computer right now. Still... a word? How tough can that be? ;)

Feel free to grab the badge below if you'd like to use it on your site. Ironically, though I made it, I'm not sure it goes with my own site! Lol!

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Happy blogging!

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Is White Popcorn EXTINCT?

Why can't I find white popcorn kernels anywhere? I've been looking for over six months and no stores anywhere seem to carry white popcorn kernels anymore. At first I thought each store was sold out, but the white popcorn never came back. Anywhere! Every time I go to a new store, I check, hoping they'll turn out to be my new "supplier" but no such luck. White popcorn kernels seem to have disappeared off the planet.

I don't understand what happened. For years I could go into pretty much any store and, in the section that sold popcorn kernels, I'd have my choice of white or yellow. Yellow is ok, but I prefer white. White is crispy. Yellow pops up more spongey and chewy and tastes kind of stale to me. I like crispy!

I can still find microwavable white popcorn, and pre-popped white popcorn, but I don't want those. And I can't imagine how they're are being made since ALL white popcorn KERNELS seem to have been obliterated from the Universe!

After yet another failed quest at a grocery store today, I guess it's time to start scouring the net. In the past everything I've found had prohibitive shipping fees.

Maybe I can tell people that's what I want for my next Birthday? How much you wanna bet that if I do, no one will get it right. (- I can see the stack of microwave bags now...)


I think I can live with this degree of pink, but we'll see.

Here's the credits for my current makeover:
Added Later:

* If anyone figures out how to override Blogger's navbar link styles I'd love to know. I like using the clear bar for this template but I hate the blue rollover link. I'd prefer to not hide the bar because I think that confuses some people.

I'm working on it

Oh the angst that goes into working on a new template! I get caught between wanting it to look a certain way, but also making sure it will still "work" with the content of the blog. The latter part is more difficult. Sometimes I get on a roll and then realize that what I'm coming up with is not a good fit for here. Sometimes the design is too cheerful, or too young, or too dark and moody, or too "something." Sometimes I want a very plain template and I often think about going back to one of those. But then I want to add "just one little thing" and all bets are off again.

What I really need is a quirky template, but for that I need quirky graphics and I don't have any of those at the moment. So for now I'm finishing up a template that's nice but hopefully not too nice. And pink. It's looking very pink. -But far less pink than it was a few days ago.

I'm still tweaking, which is another issue I have when I'm working on a template. The more I modify a template, the more I worry that something will mysteriously stop working when Blogger changes something on their end.

Ok, back to work. New look coming soon!

It begins with an S and ends with a W

I was leaving a grocery store and I noticed a woman with only one item in her hand.  I made a comment about "Wow, you came all the way here to just get  one thing?" and she said "Well, I came back. I was here before and someone used a very nasty word."

"Oh…" I said.

"Yes," she replied, and then added pointedly, "It begins with an S and ends with a W."

She continued talking, (she seemed like a very nice woman) but I couldn't make sense of anything she said after that because I was 100 percent completely stuck on "a bad word... that begins with an S... and ends with a W?"

Somewhere during our walk to the parking lot she said, "Well I'm a widow" - Which seemed like a random detail at the time, but I later realized that "widow" ends in "w" so maybe that's a clue? Of course she then seguayed into talking about fruit and I couldn't figure out if that was related to her being a widow (Was she recently widowed? Was the fruit for a memorial service?)

I'm still stuck. I have no clue.

It's not her fault. Clearly it's mine for not keeping up with current widow vernacular.