Hello and Welcome! 

I love readers and I love comments. Thank you for stopping by! If you're new here, the best way to get a sense of "me" and this blog is to read through the posts marked "Humor." (Go ahead. I'll wait...)

I tend to blog randomly and in spurts. Sometimes I blog daily, and sometimes I can be absent from the blogosphere for months at a time. The best way to keep up with this blog is to "Follow" me in Blogger or add this blog to your newsreader. Then you'll know every time I post something new. Or you can check back every day if you prefer ;)

If you read something here that makes you think "Hey... I know who this is!!!" say hi or give me a call!

srah put it best in her blog when she said:
"If I know you in real life and you are reading my blog, please let me know! For one thing, I'd be happy to know if you're enjoying it, and for another thing, I'll feel like you're spying on me if I find it out later. Plus, this way I can avoid all the terrible things I was going to write about you." - srah blah blah 
And now to quote myself...

Still here?

Great! I love company. Pull up a chair! Oh... I see you already have one :)