I'm sad

I'm not feeling very well and I have a lot to do, and you know how difficult that is (When you're not feeling well but still have to do stuff.)

Then I found a time wasting site that made me happy and was transporting my brain to a happier place, and that was starting to give me back some energy and motivation, such that I was telling myself "ok, one more page of the site, then stop and do this thing.... then you can do another page of that site, and then do the next thing on the list...." (This list which was so overwhelming today - because my brain is all out of it - that it's on little post its on the kitchen table which I keep re-arranging and re-grouping into do-able chunks.)

So I felt better, started to get going on some things... and then the site stopped working :( It's like it KNEW it was beginning to help my productiveness and it COULDN'T HAVE THAT!!

I logged out and back in, I cleared everything you can clear on a browser, and tried different browsers and it still won't work. So then I wrote a letter to tech support explaining my sadness and how I'd been happily enjoying their site and was not pleased that now I'd have to do the other things in my life that I was avoiding!


I really am sad. It's like somebody took away my new toy while I was enjoying it, and its not fair!

(I'm a little over sensitive when I'm not feeling well! It doesn't take very much to "plink" my house of cards into falling down. Actually, a house of cards would probably be sturdier than mine.... Mine would be more like a house of wafers.)

No Added Zombies

Sign stating Organic, all natural, gluten free, non GMO verified, no added zombies.

I usually have so much trouble finding out about those additives. 
Thank you "Little Duck Organics" for your proactiveness on this matter.

Closet Physics

I've been going through some closets, cabinets, and storage boxes and getting rid of things. Some items have been moved around, combined, and re-consolidated, but I've also gotten rid of a lot of stuff. And yet... I don't seem to have more space...

Safari Ad Ons

Leave it to me to be random in my subject matter.

I found a new (new to me, not really new) Safari add on that I love. Hopefully it'll perform as faithfully as my other Safari add on (which I also love!)

Add on #1, for Safari web browser

AdBlock does what the name sounds like. It blocks ads from loading on web pages. I've been using this incarnation of it for about a year. Previously I used similar ad ons and/or other browsers that had a "block ads" feature built in.

AdBlock for Safari is now an extension. Once it's installed, you can enable or disable it in your Safari Preferences pane under the "Extensions" button. To customize it further, you have to click on the "hand" button that's added to the top of your browser window, right next to the forward and back buttons on the left side. Hate ads? Get this.

New toy add on #2,

It's a cookie manager. I get annoyed by sites placing cookies and databases on my computer and tracking my every move. While I do like staying logged in to certain sites and not having to re-log in all the time (which is done via cookies), I don't like every site remembering where I've been and where else I've been and making suggestions. It's creepy. But if I clear cookies all the time, I'll also clear the useful ones, like the log in cookies. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say "Ok, keep THOSE cookies, but get rid of the rest!"? - You can. With Safari Cookies.

This is not an extension and, as such, I thought it hadn't installed properly the first three times I tried, but it had. I just wasn't looking in the right place. After it's installed, look in the top bar of your Safari Preferences pane and you'll see a chocolate chip cookie icon all the way to the right. That's where you configure it.

I'm happier now.

You're welcome.

(If you don't use Safari, your browser probably has similar features built in, or similar add ons available. Do a web search and see what you find.)

Are you talking to me?

Does anyone else have days when you feel like crap, your hair needs to be washed, but you have to run a few errands, so you throw on some clothes, feel like a slob, try to rush through things as best as you can but you're moving at the speed of Earth when Superman was flying around it backwards - and then...

You find that very friendly complete strangers strike up conversations with you as if there's NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU??? Not the crazy people and the local wino, but attractive intelligent people who apparently don't think YOU may be the crazy person or the local wino?

- It messes with my head.

Equipment in space

You know how sometimes you drop something and end up searching for it all over the floor, the desk, and every little crack and space it might have fallen or rolled into? Don't you hate that?

Well now imagine that when that happened, the item in question WALKED AWAY. Just up and walked. Grew legs and, instead of staying where it fell, waiting for you to find it, or rolling within a certain range before coming to a complete stop (and then waiting for you to find it) it sprouted legs, and moved. Walked rooms and even buildings away. Every single time. Every single thing. Just "because."

Welcome to life on the space station.

Nothing falls and stays. Every single thing that's dropped, grows legs and walks away! Ok, actually it floats away. But if you think about it, that's the same thing. Nothing just falls and stays within a logical "searchable" range. Anything that is accidentally dropped can and will "wander" rooms and sometimes buildings away, all on its own and can go anywhere.

Ponder that for a moment...

While you're pondering, I'll tell you about another equipment problem that I never knew about until today. It involves headsets. See Mike below? That's Mike Fossum. I'm going to miss him someday when his time on the Space Station is up. I may have to ask him to put a camera in his home.

Notice the headset on Mike's head? Earpiece and microphone? I have a similar one on my phone. In all the years weeks that I've watched the Space Station, I'd never seen someone wear a headset. Normally they talk into little wired microphones that look like a cross between an electric toothbrush, and some kind of meat thermometer or alien probe. (see below.)

Today was the first time I saw someone wearing what looked like a normal phone type headset. And now I know why. - I paraphrased two bits of dialogue I didn't write down fast enough, but this was a real conversation.

You may have noticed I'm wearing this headset today. We don't usually use these. I'm not sure if you can see this ear piece clearly if I hold it up to the camera...


Has Ronny been chewing on that?  
(* Ron is another astronaut.)
Either that or the cat. 
That's a joke. We have no cat.
Good to know.
We have 3 of these. I'm going to see if I can find a headpiece that hasn't exploded yet.

There you go. As if working in space wasn't dangerous enough, apparently when you least expect it, earpieces on headsets can explode.

- I'll stick with the alien probe.

Two for One

IM to a friend who asked if I had ribs for dinner


Jesus and friend

I can't figure out if Jesus is friends with Lucy, or a drag queen.

Cool Buildings

How cool would it be to see round windows in every office.

This had a lot of colors in it. Hard to capture driving by.

This one was super cool :)
I don't know what any of these were. They were pretty, I took pictures.

This looks like super hero headquarters to me. 
Somewhere... somehow...