30 Second Bunnies: Harry Potter Years 1 - 5



Josie said...

Oh cool. I only read the first book so you've saved me about 4 weeks catching up on everything else. I think this way it's more enjoyable too! Josie (Still) haven't completely figured out how to follow from my alterego. . . .

Noisy Quiet said...

I love the bunnies :)

You can follow this blog from any newsreader by using the subscribe button instead of the follow button (follow button is to follow in blogger only). Google Newsreader (for example) which is free, and web based, automatically copies the information of anyone you follow in blogger. Kind of redundant since either way you have to log into google or blogger to read!

Safari also has a built in RSS reader. You'd bookmark RSS pages the same way you bookmark web pages, and then, in Safari, you can open up one page that will show all the most recent posts from those sites - like you see in your Blogger dashboard.

Click on "help" in safari and look up all the stuff on RSS. I don't use safari for that, but it's do able. I probably should!

Josie said...

Um. . my eyes glazed over. . . I'll try and pay attention. . could you use smaller words? And ones I'm familiar with? Newsreader. . . that's the older bloke who reads the news at 6 o'clock, isn't it? Or the much younger female that reads the news. RSS, I always think someone's saying: I don't give a rats. . . dunno why. Must be the stupid Australian in. . I've tried to read the explanation, I even borrowed "Blogging for dummies" but again. . eyes glazing over. . how do I just follow by getting a new post. . oh der. I see the "Subscribe by email" link down below. Did i mention Im having a dumb attack?

Noisy Quiet said...

Oh gosh. Ok where to start! :)

A news reader can fetch the most recent pages from your favorite sites and list them all on one page for you, like you see in your blogger dashboard.

Any time you see a button that says "RSS" or "XML" (or a button with the symbol that's next to my "subscribe" button in the sidebar) that's the button you can use to add that site to the list of pages for your newsreader to fetch.

To see some of the free newsreaders available on the web, click the "Subscribe" button I have in my sidebar. You'll see that when the feedburner window opens it asks which newsreader you use so it knows to add my site to that specific one. - You don't have to pick one now, but that gives you an idea of some of the readers that are "out there in cyberspace!"

Google has a free newsreader. Since they own blogger, they conveniently have a Google Newsreader account set up for you already and have pulled all of the sites you follow in your dashboard, into that account.

While you're logged into blogger, go to your dashboard. Under the latest posts from the blogs you're following, you'll see a link, towards the right, that says "View in Google Reader." Click that. That's Google's newsreader.

Once you're on that page, click around and explore a bit. There's "Add a subscription" in the upper left, and "Manage subscriptions" in the lower left (and when you get to that page there's a link towards the top to "return to google reader.")

Are you with me so far? (Because there's more!)

Josie said...

Reading this in the morning BEFORE work means I'm not really taking my time. . . will come back and read again. . and your newest postings. . . having trouble finding all the time. . but it did make more sense. Thanks for that. Catch ya soon.

Noisy Quiet said...

You could also just keep logging into blogger and follow people the way you always have. :)

- And I don't want to hear any more complaining about how I don't post enough when you don't even have time to READ! Lolol! :D

Anonymous said...

"sticky out tongued' smiley. . . i believe THAT is the correct way to spell it too! :p

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