Safari Ad Ons

Leave it to me to be random in my subject matter.

I found a new (new to me, not really new) Safari add on that I love. Hopefully it'll perform as faithfully as my other Safari add on (which I also love!)

Add on #1, for Safari web browser

AdBlock does what the name sounds like. It blocks ads from loading on web pages. I've been using this incarnation of it for about a year. Previously I used similar ad ons and/or other browsers that had a "block ads" feature built in.

AdBlock for Safari is now an extension. Once it's installed, you can enable or disable it in your Safari Preferences pane under the "Extensions" button. To customize it further, you have to click on the "hand" button that's added to the top of your browser window, right next to the forward and back buttons on the left side. Hate ads? Get this.

New toy add on #2,

It's a cookie manager. I get annoyed by sites placing cookies and databases on my computer and tracking my every move. While I do like staying logged in to certain sites and not having to re-log in all the time (which is done via cookies), I don't like every site remembering where I've been and where else I've been and making suggestions. It's creepy. But if I clear cookies all the time, I'll also clear the useful ones, like the log in cookies. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say "Ok, keep THOSE cookies, but get rid of the rest!"? - You can. With Safari Cookies.

This is not an extension and, as such, I thought it hadn't installed properly the first three times I tried, but it had. I just wasn't looking in the right place. After it's installed, look in the top bar of your Safari Preferences pane and you'll see a chocolate chip cookie icon all the way to the right. That's where you configure it.

I'm happier now.

You're welcome.

(If you don't use Safari, your browser probably has similar features built in, or similar add ons available. Do a web search and see what you find.)


Anonymous said...

I still picture little chocolate chip cookies. . . ah, I'm so non-techy. . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, that reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon.
The boss says, "Correct me if I get it wrong. . . then we program the web site using a fast guy in tights and a movie about coffee. . . "
Dilbert goes: "We use flash and javascript."
Boss: "I said IF!"

Bahahahahahaa! It was on my calendar from last year. . .I went and looked it up especially for you. . .though I'm probably the only one laughing.

Not sure if the comment will be logged twice. . . after I put in my identity someone in ether space told me: You do not own that identity. So someone is obviously ripping off my blogging self. :-(

Noisy Quiet said...

LOL! You cracked me up.

What do you mean someone took your identity?! The nerve!!! :P Looks like it worked though.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, I love Dilbert. . . I am totally on his wavelength. Now if he'd only do one about teaching. Glad you larfed, so I didn't have to do it alone.

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