Are you talking to me?

Does anyone else have days when you feel like crap, your hair needs to be washed, but you have to run a few errands, so you throw on some clothes, feel like a slob, try to rush through things as best as you can but you're moving at the speed of Earth when Superman was flying around it backwards - and then...

You find that very friendly complete strangers strike up conversations with you as if there's NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU??? Not the crazy people and the local wino, but attractive intelligent people who apparently don't think YOU may be the crazy person or the local wino?

- It messes with my head.


Kelly said...

No, see, that's always when I run into someone who is on the list of the Last Person on Earth I Want to See (not that I have such a list. At least not in print) like my ex-boyfriend from college, or really, anyone else who I think might be at all smug about any sign of my potential downfall. ;)

(Sorry I've been so MIA, by the way!)

Noisy Quiet said...

THAT'S always my fear!!!! And then I'm so shocked that random people aren't running for the hills. Nice people (not crazy people who'll talk to anyone!) I don't know what that's about.

Obviously something reads "friendly" and "non threatening" about me, but I'm pretty sure I read that way any day. Maybe there's some hidden energy output on other days, and on "off" days that's not there? It's very strange. I think "Really? All the effort I go through on some days, but "this" is the kind of person you all strike up conversations with?"


Noisy Quiet said...

Oh, and I have so many lists I don't have in print! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I can relate to Kelly. The only time/s you go to the supermarket in the slobby dog walking clothes and NO make up are the times you're guaranteed to see ex (or current) students. Oh the joy.
Once I was at the shops, fully clothed with make up on and everything and another teacher walking towards me saw me and GAVE me the ONCE OVER. I mean! Come on, way harsh. Outer, outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne and she scrutinizes me!

Noisy Quiet said...

Always my fear (as I walk with my head down!) I guess I'm lucky these days.

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