I'm sad

I'm not feeling very well and I have a lot to do, and you know how difficult that is (When you're not feeling well but still have to do stuff.)

Then I found a time wasting site that made me happy and was transporting my brain to a happier place, and that was starting to give me back some energy and motivation, such that I was telling myself "ok, one more page of the site, then stop and do this thing.... then you can do another page of that site, and then do the next thing on the list...." (This list which was so overwhelming today - because my brain is all out of it - that it's on little post its on the kitchen table which I keep re-arranging and re-grouping into do-able chunks.)

So I felt better, started to get going on some things... and then the site stopped working :( It's like it KNEW it was beginning to help my productiveness and it COULDN'T HAVE THAT!!

I logged out and back in, I cleared everything you can clear on a browser, and tried different browsers and it still won't work. So then I wrote a letter to tech support explaining my sadness and how I'd been happily enjoying their site and was not pleased that now I'd have to do the other things in my life that I was avoiding!


I really am sad. It's like somebody took away my new toy while I was enjoying it, and its not fair!

(I'm a little over sensitive when I'm not feeling well! It doesn't take very much to "plink" my house of cards into falling down. Actually, a house of cards would probably be sturdier than mine.... Mine would be more like a house of wafers.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, and feeling sad, hope you feel better soon. Also sorry about your bad internet karma. . . I know all about that!

Noisy Quiet said...

I'm doing better today. Yesterday was difficult. I really was out of it and had SO much to do and I was in a huge mental fog. At one point I almost (accidentally) put my phone in the fridge.

Anny Sabine said...

Aww, I don't like to hear that.. I know what it's like tho, some days are just days that shouldn't exist because the smallest task feels like a marathon. Are you feeling better now? :)

Noisy Quiet said...

Yes, exactly!

I am feeling better now, thank you :) I know I just have to wait days like that out. Not much else I can do. But they still suck! :P

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