International Space Station

I've been watching the International Space Station for the past two days. I need to be careful with live streams of places. Any place. I can easily become addicted.

My mom has been watching too. I set her up yesterday and she was very excited. I figure it's a step up from her watching the weather channel all day.

You can watch too if you'd like. (If the file downloads but doesn't work, download VLC media player and try opening it with that. VLC is a much better player. Everything works on there!)

What you see will vary. The camera views change depending on what's going on, and I think there might be a delay of possibly 12 hours. I'm not sure if it's 100% live (there was a delay several years ago when the feeds first started.) * The feed does appear to be live unless they're reviewing a video from earlier in the day. Also, Space Station time is usually GMT, though it can change sometimes to accommodate the hours of a short term mission.

Sometimes they show the exterior of the Space Station. Sometimes they show a supply area where people come and go a lot (often floating through which is kind of neat to see.) Sometimes there's just a still screen. Like watching paint dry…. In space ;)


Josie said...

Good grief, I had no idea you could do this. It is SOOOOO exciting.
josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

I think so too! But again, I'm the type that could watch a panda sleep all day via live stream if I'm not careful lol!

I just realized though, when the astronauts are asleep they only show exteriors of the station so I'm not sure how much inside stuff will be shown while you're awake. Hopefully there'll be enough "wake time" overlap!

Josie said...

Tried to download. . . stream. . whatever. . . not much happened. A black screen. Will try again later maybe they're all on the toilet? Sounded like it was streaming. . your pictures look excellent anyway.
josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

Thanks :)

When I first load it I get a black screen for about 20 seconds or so (I think?) then I get an image. Sometimes it's not an interesting image ;) If you hear sound, even static, then it's probably working and there may be nothing to see at that moment.

Anny Sabine said...

Oh god I had no idea this stream existed O.O
WELL HELLO THERE new way of wasting extreme amounts of time!
Thank you so much for alerting me, this is AWESOME!!

Noisy Quiet said...

LOL! I thought you might like that! :D Thanks for swinging by!

FYI, Space Station time is GMT. When they're off duty you'll see more exterior shots. During their work day you'll see interiors and space people floating around more. Also, aside from when they're reviewing a video from earlier in the day, the feed does seem to be live.

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