Bad day in captcha land?

If this is the test I get to prove that I'm human....

captcha image asking me to type in the word H U M A N to prove Im a real person

Then what's up with this? 

captcha image is u perps

And this?

captcha image is hater

I swear these are real. I get the strangest captchas at Josie's blog!


Josie said...

We aim to please :-)
josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

And please you do :)

(It's kind of like an "extra" at your blog. Like a prize in a cereal box!)

JRose said...

Oh dear! Google seems to have beef with you.

Noisy Quiet said...

Right? What was up with that? Lol!

Thanks for swinging by :)

BTW, my captcha on your blog was "lentel." Which made me a little hungry, even if it was spelled incorrectly.

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