Universal Constants

A friend's example of things that never change (I laughed so hard at this! :D )

My Friend
"Over the years I watched lots of little children play with the dollhouse we had in the store. And they'd all play the exact same ways and do the exact same things. They'd always act out the same little stories and make the same little sounds... They'd always put the baby on the toilet... and stick somebody in the oven..."


Rose Michels - Touching lives through prayer. said...

Sorry for the off topic comment...thanks for dropping a note on my blog. What I figured out was that the comment box isn't seen on the main page. It is when possting though. Duh on me. Thank you!!! Rose Michels

Noisy Quiet said...

Hi Rose,

Yes, a comment link for each post should appear on the main page, but the comment box doesn't appear until you click on the link.

-Glad you figured it out :)

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