Things I'm learning from watching the International Space Station

I now know where the snacks, cameras, and laptops are stored. (Very important in case the aliens drop me off there.)

Lots of equipment is stored by sticking it to the walls with what appears to be velcro and/or magnets.

Many supplies, particularly small items like nuts and bolts, are stored in clear baggies. - Most people have baggies and holsters with supplies attached to them as they make their way through the space station.

One guy in particular likes to use his legs to carry equipment as he floats through the station. (If you're not using them for walking, why not? It frees up your arms to keep you from bumping into things.)

It is not unusual for them to spend time cataloging, storing, labeling, and/or looking for a particular nut, bolt, cable, or pair of gloves... The other day a missing piece of equipment was finally found floating in the middle of a room.

Everyone wears socks on the Space Station, not shoes. The men all seem to wear solid colored socks (black, white, gray) and Sandy's socks are more...  interesting. - It's hard to get a good picture of them because she flies by so quickly!

* I did a search to see if Sandy was known for having an odd collection of socks, and it turns out she lost the pink, blue, and white striped socks during her last visit to the station, and just found them again a few days ago.


Kelly said...

How very cool! And - "The other day a missing piece of equipment was finally found floating in the middle of a room." - that's hilarious.

Noisy Quiet said...

It's all really cool in a "WHY is this interesting to me???" kind of way lol!

Re the things floating in a room... there's a lot of stuff like that that makes me laugh where I think "really???" They'd been looking for that particular piece for a while and seemed concerned that they couldn't find it. Some nut or bolt or screw or something and I guess it was crucial that it be THAT specific one.

Josie said...

I could soooo fit in on the space station. . .my entire kitchen is based around the storing-things-in-clear-plastic-baggies. . . . (No, not a Tupperware gal.) Girls just have more interesting clothes than boys, let's fact it being a boy means boring clothes.
josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

Sadly, I think I would vomit up there, and in space that can't be good! I'd also probably start having a panic attack at some point about WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG??!!! THERE'S NO OXYGEN OUTSIDE!!!!

Other than that, I'd fit in great too! Lol! A day that revolved around organizing inside a big floating habitrail would be fine by me :)

Josie said...

It'd be fine, you'd just vomit into a clear plastic baggy. . maybe you could then jettison it?

Noisy Quiet said...

I hear that's what the Russians do with their laundry. Seriously. It turns out there's no laundry in space so they jettison it in some kind of pod and let it burn up in the atmosphere as it plummets towards Earth.

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