Eating on the Space Station

"What did your mom pack for lunch?"
(Notice, the food boxes have straps over the inside openings to keep the contents from flying out.)

"I don't know. What did your mom pack for lunch?"



Kelly said...

I'll trade you my Cheetos for that CapriSun. ;)

Noisy Quiet said...

That's what it looked like lol! It took me a couple of days to realize those were food boxes. There's a lot of different pouches in them. Some are drinks some are bars and some can be eaten with a fork. These two started with one box, pointed to different packets, then took down the second box... I think the straps were making it harder for them to sort through them easily and find what they wanted. (The shuttle just brought up a year's supply of food so hopefully they have more options now :) )

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