I have so much to do

But all I want to do is write.

And watch space.

Except space is making me motion sick so that's not the best plan at the moment (They're doing space walks today. Pretty, but not something I'd be cut out for.)

I've just learned that the elevator in my building is out, so I won't be able to go outside in the three hundred degree heat to do laundry today.

Drat ;)

But that doesn't mean there aren't a bazillion other things I need to do.

And yet... all I want to do is write.

I've been working on a story for about a week or two and I keep wanting to return to it. Which is good as a diversion, but not good when there's other things to do.

Plus I'm nauseas and have a headache (- from "space.")

Got some good pictures though. :)

Please indulge me with the whole "space" thing for about a week. After that I'll probably be over it and stop posting about it. If not, I'll move those posts to a separate blog because this is not a space blog. ... but it might be "space week" here for a bit ;)


Kelly said...

Do you fall into occasional and fleeting but intense obsessions? I do that, too. I like space.

Noisy Quiet said...

I do at times, but I always know when it's one of those intense but fleeting things! People don't believe me when I tell them "This is going to make make me crazy for about a week or two, and it's all I'm going to think about, talk about, and do, and then it'll be over and (depending on what it is.) I won't even look at it for a year" Lol! I *always* know when that's what something is, because it's a very specific kind of obsessive feeling, so I just go with it and know it will fizzle within a couple of weeks. No matter how much I tell people this, though, they still come back to me weeks and months later asking "How come you're not doing this anymore? You were so into it?" and I tell them "I TOLD you it would only be a couple of weeks!" Lol! I know me :)

Story writing, though, is more hormonal with me! :D It really is. When I'm tired my mind wanders, which is great for writing, but not great for much else!

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