Epcot: Mission Space: DON'T go in the ORANGE line!

Never having been on "Mission Space" and not having had time to sufficiently research this ride before leaving on my last minute vacation, I was unaware that there was a spinning and a non-spinning version of this ride. I thought it was "spin or get out of line."

Now, I know I get motion sickness, but since I'd just come from the "Test Track" ride, and ignored all its scary precautionary warnings and done just fine, I thought I'd ignore Mission Space's warnings too. But that's because I didn't realize that I could still go on the ride and NOT SPIN if I went in the GREEN line.

I won't go into all the details, but, I've now learned an apparently little known fact about Disney World. A fact that the RIDE EMPLOYEES don't even know about and insisted was not so. Many of the gift shops, in all the parks, have a special plastic bin that they keep under the counter, out of view, that contains Advil, Pepto Bismol and DRAMAMINE. Nobody on the "vomiting rides" seems to know this!!! But all the little gift stands do! Most also have some kind of dry crackers or pretzels available for the "easily-queasy."

I sat with another woman, a complete stranger who I bonded with as she generously shared her peanut butter crackers and sips of water with me, as we sat together, side by side, after the ride, both of us afraid to move -for fear of hurling- for over an hour, as employee after employee told us that no place sold any kind of anti nausea meds or crackers nearby because that would compete with the food stands in the park. But about an hour and a half later (yes, an hour and a half!) when we both, unsteadily, decided to try to venture outside, she decided to say something to the ride's gift shop about how they should carry stuff like this, and that's when the man behind the counter gleefully produced his "drug bin" and informed us that most of the gift shops had them. -This guy was one room away from where we'd been sitting for over an hour! The gift shop was part of the attraction, yet nobody working on the ride seemed to know that pretzels, Pepto, and Dramamine were available only a few feet away.


On two additional occasions during this trip, I needed to avail myself of drug boxes, and I had no trouble finding them -Now that I knew they existed! One was at the gift shop attached to Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom (which also had pretzels for about a buck or two) and the other was a shop at the end of the Winnie the Pooh ride in the Magic Kingdom.

To Clarify...

Expedition Everest:
Fine except for one part in the pitch darkness which must have done some kind of spin because, while I couldn't see it, I suddenly wasn't feeling so hot.

Winnie the Pooh:
NOT a problem. ;) But, after having had the unexpected problem with Expedition Everest, I bought  Dramamine in anticipation of going on Space Mountain an hour later, (but the ride malfunctioned and I never got on!)

Mission Space:
Orange line = Unsteady on my feet and unable to move my head without feeling like I was going to vomit,  for over an hour after the ride. Then generally queasy for the entire rest of the day (and this happened at 8:30 am, so that was a very LONG "rest of the day!")
Green line = Probably a much more pleasant ride. Unfortunately I wouldn't know!



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