I've figured out how to save time folding laundry

  1. I am no longer turning clothes "right side out" when folding.

    I admit it took my slightly OCD-ish self a couple of weeks to get used to this, but really, things fold or hang just as well inside out as they do right side out. And in the end, I'd rather take an extra 30 seconds while dressing to turn things the right way, than take an additional 30 minutes while folding laundry to turn everything right side out.

  2. I've also stopped folding underwear.

    Yes, folded underwear looks nicer and neater in the drawer, but once underwear is on your body, you can't see any wrinkles in it. At least not under anything I wear. And on occasions where it is absolutely CRUCIAL to me to be 100% seamless and wrinkle free in all areas, I use that lycra/spandex stuff and that never gets wrinkles anyway.



t. said...

next stop: getting dressed right out of the laundry basket.

Noisy Quiet said...

I'll have to try that... ;)

K. said...

This is brilliant. I never used to fold my own underwear but did everyone else's (and by everyone else I mean my husband and kids, not like I went around to my friends' houses folding their underwear or something. I'm neurotic, not insane). Anyway, I'm not sure why I did things that way, I just did. And then one day I saw my husband folding laundry, carefully folding everyone's underwear but mine, which he just threw in a drawer. All of which I'm sure he did because he thought that's how I wanted it. But something about it just seemed to be suddenly so disrespectful. I've made a point to fold my underwear ever since. Because I AM WORTH FOLDED UNDERWEAR, TOO. Or something. ;P

Your way is better.

Noisy Quiet said...

LOL! You cracked me up! And yes gosh darn it! You ARE worth folded underwear! (I'm worth it too, but I want to get away from the darned laundry more!)

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