The Resorts

I'd like to spend more time checking out the resorts this trip - Especially since I have relatives staying at the "real" resorts - and I'd also like to check out some of the trail walks if I can. I wonder if they're relaxing and pretty or just a bunch of boring paved  walkways?

Re: "The real resorts" -did you think I was staying at one of those? No. I'm staying at one of Disney's VALUE resorts.  Which is kind of like Disney's answer to a tacky motel. This isn't to say that they don't have their charm. Plus, they're still on property so they have all the perks that the other resorts do, but don't cost nearly as much. Great for sleeping and park hopping, but for "hanging out" I'll be making use of all the extras at the relatives' hotels. I heard one of them has a water slide...



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