You know you're having a bad day when...

The boring bloody game that your friend's son is playing, full of senseless violence and carnage that you'd normally turn away from, is suddenly appealing. Especially when you hear your formerly pacifist self saying "What'd she do? Oh well get her then. She had it coming."

Other key phrases from the conversation:

"That's me? My life sensor is on my back? Who planned that?"

"Where'd all the monsters come from? Maybe they're the good guys, ever think of that?"

"I need a weapon? What do you mean I need a weapon. I don't have one? Why the hell don't I have a weapon?

What do you mean I didn't know what I was walking into?


I was called to the station for an emergency but I didn't know what it was?

Ok, but within seconds a quarantine and lockdown protocol was initiated. And those protocols generally exist in places that expect trouble. And I was called to this place for an "unknown" emergency, but I entered without a weapon??? Sounds like SOMEBODY needs to go back to training!!!


- I didn't think I'd need a weapon because I'm only a technician?

I don't care! Didn't you say we're in space? Has NOBODY studied their 'away mission protocols!!!???'




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