Sure... NOW it's a big deal...

My friends wanted me to go to Costo. Friend A was the only one who had a Costco card and she couldn't go. (I'll have a card soon. I got a coupon ;) ) Friend B wanted me to use friend A's Costco card so the two of us could still go. Friend A was fine with this and also wanted me to use her card. I didn't want to. I'd get too anxious. Both kept saying it'd be fine, they never check... friend A and I look alike (-we look nothing alike!) I stood my ground. It's really not the principle of the thing. I have no problem with someone ELSE doing that. But it would make me extremely nervous if I were the one doing it. I didn't want to.

Today when I saw my friends, they told me someone else they knew had gone, used another person's card, and they were stopped and weren't allowed to make their purchases. As far as I know, that's all that happened. They just weren't allowed to make their purchases and had to leave. -But if you could see the looks of relief on MY friends' faces that it wasn't them who got caught! They've been thanking me all day saying "Thank God we didn't go!" and that I was right and "made a great call!" -I got high fived for this!

It's bizarre to me how casual they were about how it wouldn't be a big deal even if we did get caught, yet today, instead of being equally nonchalant and saying "hey guess what... oh well..." they're acting like we just dodged a bullet and I saved them from prison.



T. said...

They would totally have stopped you.
You would have fought for a parking space, dealt with people looking behind them while walking through a crowd (or talking on a cell phone blocking traffic with a cart,) stood in a long line and then been asked to leave with nothing to show for it but a belly full of tablespoon-sized servings of microwaved meat.
you did the right thing.

Noisy Quiet said...

The thing is, I've used her card without incident when she was in the store. Like if I finished shopping first and she gave me her card so I could check out and start loading the car. But just the fact that she wouldn't have been there... THAT would have guaranteed my getting caught! Lol! And you're right, I'd have had nothing to show for the time spent besides a Tbsp of cereal, two raviolis, and couple of chips with mango salsa.

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