The Plan

My general plan for the next few days is to visit the parks early and late in the day, when it's cooler outside, and to either nap or hang out at the resorts in the afternoon. Heat + me = Not a good match!



Barb said...

I imagine the parks won't be as crowded earlier and later, either.

Noisy Quiet said...

New strategy (for anyone who reads this) -Go from 4:30 pm on. That's when everyone's tiring out and going back for naps and dinner. And if you're in the Magic Kingdom, even better, because once the parades and fireworks start, everyone is watching those, and you can just walk right onto almost any ride with no wait! (Did I do this? No. I was far too impatient! Lol! But from 4:30 on it was much easier. Rain helped lines thin out too!)

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