I peed in a bag

I needed to use the bathroom, it was occupied, so I peed in a bag. Two bags actually. I wanted to be extra sure everything would stay "enclosed." I've thought about doing this many times. I even discussed it with people -who confessed that they'd done this when things got desperate and that it was no big deal. And yet... I never did it. Until now. And you know what? I felt SO MUCH BETTER. It's WAY better than the alternative. I will be peeing in bags  from now on. And if I ever visit you at your home, and you're taking too long in the bathroom, I will pee in a bag in your home too.

PS: When I was having trouble coming up with a name for this blog, I almost decided to name it after my first post. But since this was originally going to be my first post, I chose otherwise.



Anonymous said...

i think the title is perfect.

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you :) I did consider "" I mean it would have been easy to remember right?

Thank you for reading!

-Isn't it nice when you can read someone's entire blog in one sitting because they've barely written anything in it yet?!

Kelly O said...

You are a GENIUS.

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you Kelly :)

Because I have "comment moderation" turned on, whenever a comment is made it appears in a separate window for me with two options next to it: "Publish" or "Reject."

-Like I'm going to "reject" a comment that says "You are a GENIUS" Lol!

Thank you for stopping by! (I am still amazed at your pictures of... um... You know I don't even remember what they *actually* were! Lol!)

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