Mobile Blogging (Not!)

I am getting nowhere fast with this. I tried five test posts and none of them worked correctly.

First I sent one as an email from my cell phone, with a photo. -Text came through, photo didn't.

Then I tried to set up a mobile blogging account. THREE TIMES. Each time, none of the posts went through at all. Even though my blog settings say I'm set to go (yes I merged the mobile blogging account with this one using the token etc.)

Then the fifth time, I emailed from my phone to another email address and had that address forward the email to my account. I wanted to see if getting the message from an email provider instead of a cell phone provider would make a difference. The results were the same as #1. Text but no pictures.

- My blog posts are going to be VERY BORING if I can't figure out a way to set this up before I go away :P

Edit: Tests 6, 7, and 8 from a friend of a friend's phone... same thing. Text but no photo. Grrrrrrr.



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