The Remote

I used to wish that I had a zapper to zap people I hated to... well...  "The Aisle of people I hate."

It'd be like a tv remote. I'd carry it with me and I could just zap people as I went. Point.... zap. No fuss. No drama. Just gone from this existence and banished to a place where they could all annoy and aggravate each other. They'd deserve that. And of course, they could never ever leave. 

But then, I thought it through a bit more (as I do with all my insane fantasies) and I realized what would happen next. -Someone would get ahold of my remote and zap ME to that other world which would be populated ONLY by people I hate and can't stand  -and I would never ever be able to leave.



Melissa said...

See, the idea is to never let that technology fall into the wrong hands. So how about, we just make two. One for you and one for me. I promise never to zap you. I'll simply use it on my siblings.

Where do you suppose we'd send them?

Noisy Quiet said...

I've never really been too picky on where they were sent. It could even be nice there. Just so long as they're ALL there -and I'm not!

BTW, Melissa, you are officially my first comment on this blog. Thank you :)

storiesomine said...

I've already got my list of zappees. where do i type in my visa number?

Noisy Quiet said...

Aren't you people scared? I am terrified at the thought that I could end up trapped on that island WITH them! NEVER ABLE TO LEAVE! -Not an island with a bunch of people I hate, but an island where EVERY SINGLE PERSON is someone I hate! Lol!

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