Shoes and Socks


I mentioned yesterday that socks are worn around the Space Station. There's an exception to that. When astronauts are exercising (or going to and from exercising) they wear sneakers.

The guy in the back of the 2nd picture is wearing a treadmill harness. See those loops on either side of the harness? There are elastic straps that attach to each loop and then straight down to the floor of the treadmill to keep the astronaut pulled down onto the treadmill's surface during exercise. It'd be difficult to get  traction if they kept floating away ;)

I'm pretty sure this is the treadmill. They were working on it this morning and it may have been making an odd sound because they kept holding a microphone to it while it was running. Either that or it's a very small conveyer belt to nowhere - that talks.

Space Socks

It was hard for me to get a good picture of the darker socks Sandy was wearing the other day. I thought maybe the white patterns on them were starbursts, or snow flakes, or maybe even Christmas trees. Today I saw another astronaut wearing the same socks, and Sandy was still wearing hers so they hadn't mistakenly grabbed the wrong pair ;) I figured that, unless they happened to shop at the same sock store, these might be Nasa issued socks, and it looks like they might be.

Look closely. Those are little white astronauts on there! - I want a pair!!! :D (Ok I want two pairs. One to save and one to wear :) )


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