Is White Popcorn EXTINCT?

Why can't I find white popcorn kernels anywhere? I've been looking for over six months and no stores anywhere seem to carry white popcorn kernels anymore. At first I thought each store was sold out, but the white popcorn never came back. Anywhere! Every time I go to a new store, I check, hoping they'll turn out to be my new "supplier" but no such luck. White popcorn kernels seem to have disappeared off the planet.

I don't understand what happened. For years I could go into pretty much any store and, in the section that sold popcorn kernels, I'd have my choice of white or yellow. Yellow is ok, but I prefer white. White is crispy. Yellow pops up more spongey and chewy and tastes kind of stale to me. I like crispy!

I can still find microwavable white popcorn, and pre-popped white popcorn, but I don't want those. And I can't imagine how they're are being made since ALL white popcorn KERNELS seem to have been obliterated from the Universe!

After yet another failed quest at a grocery store today, I guess it's time to start scouring the net. In the past everything I've found had prohibitive shipping fees.

Maybe I can tell people that's what I want for my next Birthday? How much you wanna bet that if I do, no one will get it right. (- I can see the stack of microwave bags now...)


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