I'm working on it

Oh the angst that goes into working on a new template! I get caught between wanting it to look a certain way, but also making sure it will still "work" with the content of the blog. The latter part is more difficult. Sometimes I get on a roll and then realize that what I'm coming up with is not a good fit for here. Sometimes the design is too cheerful, or too young, or too dark and moody, or too "something." Sometimes I want a very plain template and I often think about going back to one of those. But then I want to add "just one little thing" and all bets are off again.

What I really need is a quirky template, but for that I need quirky graphics and I don't have any of those at the moment. So for now I'm finishing up a template that's nice but hopefully not too nice. And pink. It's looking very pink. -But far less pink than it was a few days ago.

I'm still tweaking, which is another issue I have when I'm working on a template. The more I modify a template, the more I worry that something will mysteriously stop working when Blogger changes something on their end.

Ok, back to work. New look coming soon!


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