Keeping My Words

That's what I went with for my OneWord blog :)

The blogspot url for keepingmywords was taken, but the hyphenated version for it was not! So is mine! I'll be removing the OneWord tab (in my menubar here) shortly and putting a link in my sidebar instead.

I think I got most of the kinks out of the template (which is a WordPress theme that's never been fully functional in Blogger) but if anything doesn't look right let me know. - Consider yourselves honorary beta testers. You're welcome ;)

As I've said before, even when I don't have time for a full post here, I might still have sixty seconds to write something over there. The difference is that I consider those to be writing exercises that I'm ok sharing, and not necessarily topics I would have otherwise chosen to write about. For example, today, I did not wake up and think "Oooh! I think writing about that chalk thingamajiggy would be a GREAT POST!!!!" ;) This is more like a word association game - except my associated "word" is a 60 second thought! I write for 60 seconds, finish my thought, and then do a very quick proofread. (So all in all it's more like a 2 to 5 minute post total.)

There are sites that won't let you finish writing your sentence once the time has stopped (and certainly wouldn't let you go back and fix a typo!) There's even a site that will start DELETING your text if you pause during the exercise! Can you imagine? Lol! Luckily, this ain't that! has a 60 second timer that gently lets you know when your time is up. It's a low pressure mental break for me that I find oddly relaxing, and I actually look forward to it every day.

So if you'd like more to read, check out my OneWord blog too. I'm finding it kind of interesting to see where my brain can go in 60 seconds :)

See you there!


Kelly said...

Just the thought of something deleting what I've written if I dare to pause makes me want to hyperventilate and maybe curl up in a corner. Strangely enough, it doesn't inspire me to write at all. ;) I like the idea of the One Word challenge, it seems like it would be a great way to warm up your brain for more writing or even just for the day.

So I had one of the most random dreams I've ever had just the other night, and I'll spare you the details but to give you a taste I had many, many children all under the age of 5, one of them was a fascinating hybrid species of plant and human, we ran into my husband's estranged family including his sister Angelina Jolie who invited us out for pizza - you get the picture. Anyway, we all wound up at this open house at the daycare where all my kids (and Angelina and Brad's, apparently) were attending and one of the classrooms was apparently meant to be a sort of walk-through version of .... your new blog. And the name - oh, the name! I wish I could remember it, but all I can tell you is that it was something along the lines of Ye Olde Theatre of Grande and Stupendous Marvels of Wondrous and ... like, the longest name ever, with lots of adjectives. It probably would have taken you longer than 60 seconds to write the title of your One Word blog, basically. And the whole thing was designed to be this creepy old theater. I have no idea why. But it was kind of cool.

Noisy Quiet said...

O! M! G! This is AWESOME! Lol! I just burst out laughing at about 8 different points in your comment! I'm so excited, and honored to have been a part of your FANTABULOUS dream!

(And you said you had no ideas for a name! I bet THAT one is still available! :D )

Re your earlier bit about hyperventilating at the idea of something deleting your words if you DARED to pause... I KNOW!!! ME TOO!!! I was HORRIFIED when I read about how that site worked! Not even the LEAST bit interested in trying that one at all! One Word is much nicer for the panic-prone! :D

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