Possessed Toys

The blue doll scared me when I walked passed it in the toy aisle. Then, as I was leaving, the Pink one scared me. 

- Then I was paranoid about every toy for the rest of the day.

Edit: Every time I re-embed this video it works again. - Until it doesn't. So much for uploading to Picasa. FYI, it's two dolls that talk, babble, bounce and move if you walk by them. Cute if you KNOW they're going to do that. Not so much if you don't!

Edit 2: I'm going to try to embed a video from Photobucket. Let's see if Blogger breaks this one too. 

Edit 3: The Photobucket video wins. Two days without breaking. I've swapped it into the original video's space above.


Josie said...

Yay! Now it works. For your information you are 100% correct to be scared of both dolls. Freaky, freaky, freaky- even if you know they're going to do that. Not fun at all.
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

They really DID scare me! I wasn't expecting the first one. And then once I got used to that I found out it had friends on a different shelf, and then when I thought all was safe, the PINK one moved! I just about jumped out of my skin Lol!

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