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I've just added a new page! Look up there in my menu bar. See it?

I've been wanting to incorporate my entries into this blog somehow but I also wanted an easy way to do it - a way that wouldn't require my copying and pasting every time.
<entering geek mode>

An RSS feed seemed like a possible solution but doesn't have RSS feeds for individuals' pages. I requested the feature and was told it's on a list. In the meantime I created my own feed using Feed43's services, then used Feed2JS to get an embed code to put it into a page and voila - I now have a page here on the blog with my most recent entries. I still need to play with the formatting a little bit, but for now it works well enough for... well... well enough for me to go "voila!" :)

</geek mode>
Even on days when I don't write a full blog post I often write a OneWord entry. So if you want more to read, check out my One Word page in my menubar. It will automatically update every time I post something new at

Edit: The feed worked fine, but I've now moved my OneWord entries to a separate blog. See the widget in my sidebar for "Keeping My Words."


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