Bacon Mints - Don't try these at home!

I've been seeing these online for a while and was curious. I'd bought Bacon Salt a while back and it's surprisingly good. I thought the mints might taste similarly.

Not so.

Bacon Mints taste like a cross between a medicinal type of mint flavor, and a hint of old leftover grease or lard that's been sitting around for a few days. There's no salty bacon-y taste at all. - If Bertie Bott made a menthol and lard bean, this'd be it!

I had such high hopes.

Um... it's not possible for mints to go bad is it?

Edit: I just checked and "Bacon Salt" and "Bacon Mints" are not made by the same company. - That shoulda been my first clue!


Stella said...

I'm sorry NQ but really you only have yourself to blame: bacon mints? I mean really! Uncle Oinker oughta be ashamed!

Noisy Quiet said...

They're really disgusting! lol! They're probably vegetarian though. The bacon salt is!

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