Checking in

There is no way I can possibly convey how many times and how many hours I've spent trying to write a post today. Really... HOURS.

I'm not feeling well and I've tried to push my brain to function anyway, but it's not working. It's not a writing dry spell. It's a "brain thing." Think "learning disability." That's what it's like right now.

Hopefully sleep will help.

Good night :)


Josie said...

Poor NQ! What was the word though? You're probably just tired. . .you could blog about how unwell you feel? Or the fun things that happen when your brain doesn't work. . . eg for me I often open the cupboard and try to put the milk in there instead of the fridge.
Feel better soon. . .
Josie-your-non-rich-blogging-buddy x

Noisy Quiet said...


LOVE how you signed that!!!! :D

Blogging about how unwell I feel were several of the different posts I tried to write! lol! I tried going into drafts of previously written posts to finish those. I tried silly writing prompts. I tried writing about how crappy I felt. I tried taking pictures of my new toothbrush holder! Lol! Seriously I tried :D

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