Woo Hoo! Disclosing Tablets!

I just found some disclosing tablets! - You know those pink tablets that dentists have you chew and swish around to see how poorly you brushed? Even though these particular tablets had to be well over 10 years old, I gleefully popped one in and did just that, and was very surprised by the results.

I chewed, swished, spit, looked at my new dayglo pink teeth, and then brushed without looking in the mirror (which is what I usually do) to see how I did. And guess what? I got it all! No pink! None at all! So then I chewed and swished a second tablet just to be sure and again, no pink! I checked with a mirror and everything so I could see the back teeth. I did amazingly well! - Or these tablets are duds. I doubt that though because my currently brighter than bright pink tongue looks AWESOME! (Despite my efforts to brush that too.) I tried to get a picture to show you, but they all came out looking obscene.

I should totally have a disclosing tablet party :)


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