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Ok here's the thing... I don't like writing about boring stuff (ie stuff that bores even ME lol!) and sometimes I end up going a tiny bit in that direction for NaBloPoMo "just because," and I hope it's not TOO horrible. Nevertheless even I know when something is super uninteresting!

I also don't like writing whiney complainy posts. Not unless I still have my wits about me enough to also make it entertaining!

"I don't feel well" posts can also cause people to worry and I certainly don't want that. I mean when I WANT flowers candy and money I'll tell you ;) Not that a bit of kindness isn't nice at times but I feel like if I say I don't feel well, I have to give updates or people will think I've dropped dead! And the longer I go before I do an update, the MORE dead people think I am! ;) It's much easier to write about stuff after the fact.

Except there's this NaBloPoMo thing that I committed to, that NOBODY is holding me to, that has no prize, no special reward, and really no "nothing" at the end of it, but I SAID I'd do it, there's only a few more days to go, and gosh darn it I want to finish it JUST BECAUSE!

But I don't FEEL GOOD :P

So right now I'm going to order some take out food (because somehow I feel like that will make me feel better than all the nutritious "already paid for" food I have in my fridge!) and maybe I'll be back later if that works.

If not... HA! I got one more post in ;) (and if I don't post tomorrow or the next few days I'm very likely not dead! Just sleeping :) )


Josie said...

Ok, well it's nice to have some standards. As you know I have NONE. I blog when I'm poorly (hand surgery good for several posts), whingy, in a bad mood, and have nothing more to say than to pretend that I am the dog. . . so I guess it's refreshing that some people have higher standards than moi. . . someone has to take a stand I guess.
I like when you do NaBloMoP coz they you do actually blog! Keep up the good work, one more day and you've made it!
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

:) Thank you.

I really was feeling awful those few days. Now I don't feel so great but it was SO difficult to think and no matter how simple I tried to make a post I couldn't get it together.

Two days left for me. Remember I'm a day behind you! (There are benefits to doing February!)

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're not dead, and hope you're feeling better.

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you. I am feeling better, but I wasn't then, and I felt bad enough that I actually found a doctor to see and made an appointment ASAP. I almost never go to doctors. I think that, more often than not, they're a waste of time. The last one I saw was over a year ago, and even that was an allergist not a regular doctor. So for me to make an appointment? I was NOT feeling good.

Of course by yesterday, the day of the appointment, I felt almost 100% better, so the doctor said I'm perfectly fine and sent me home :P

Kelly said...

Doesn't that figure?

I am the exact same way about doctors, BTW. I won't go until it's absolutely unavoidable. I don't discount the fact that they're all smart and educated and know things that I don't, but in the end they're still just guessing about a body that I live in every day. I'm not the person who reads a bunch of medical journals and decides she has some exotic disease, either, but when I DO go to see a doctor it's only after I've done the legwork and have narrowed down what I think the problem might be. I just think it's the smarter thing to do, being educated about your own body.

Glad you feel better, but sorry you wasted a trip to the doctor.

Noisy Quiet said...

You don't discount the fact that they're all smart and educated and know things that you don't? I DO! lol!

I rarely find one who seems to know more than I do, and that's just wrong wrong wrong. That's not the way it should be. And it's not that I know loads. It's that they seem to have forgotten everything they've ever learned and, without fail, have one course of action/remedy that they try to apply to all situations. "House" they're not ;)

I agree about being educated about your own body and not going until I've done the legwork and narrowed down the problem. I've even gone to doctors and requested certain tests! But I very rarely go at all.

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