One Word: Final

I didn't do today's One Word exercise. Well, I did, but then I erased it. Then I tried to think of several others themes I could write on using that same word, and I didn't like any of those either. I realized that I couldn't think of one "non-dark" 60 second write up for the word "final." I thought of lighter subjects like final paper, final answer, and final frontier, but once I used the word in a sentence I didn't like what I wrote, or I didn't think it was suitable for public consumption ;)

It's odd that I can't write something with a positive or neutral spin using the word "final." It seems I have a problem with that word. The problem, I think, is that I think it's a very short sighted word. I don't know that anything really is final. Is death final? Probably. But I don't know. Are breakups final? Sure, because people tend to not change. But what if something did change. Really changed. Would it still be final? Maybe not.

I don't think I ever have enough information about anything to deem it absolutely final. There's too much change in the Universe and too much I simply don't know to be comfortable making a statement like that. I don't think I could ever use the word "final" with any certainty, unless I was under duress. Even then, it would still be conditional to me, which makes it not final.


Josie said...

Er, is that your final word on final? I'm enjoying reading your one word NaBloPoMo postings. I'd love to do it myself but teaching will get in the way. When it's out of the way I think I'll sign up for another month.
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you for saying you enjoy these. I've been wondering if these one word entries are boring!

This one word stuff is very different for me. Writing comes fairly easily when I have a story I want to tell, but "write for 60 seconds.... GO!" is not my usual territory! Today's word was a pretty good example that that might not always work out.

- So much for a month of taking no more than 60 seconds to write a post! lol!

Thanks again Josie :)

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