Code Cleaning

This is going to go right over some people's heads, and make other people's eyes roll.

When I modify any kind of computer code that I don't write from scratch, I try lots of different alterations until I get the result I'd like. Although I'm pretty good about going back to delete changes that didn't work or did nothing at all, I still tend to end up with a few lines of code that aren't serving any purpose (either because I forgot to undo those changes, or because I later found a better way to achieve the same effect.)

Knowing I have stray lines of code in a program bugs me!

So I spent two days going through my template line by line, with a brand new fresh "Awesome Ink" Blogger template (which is the base for my current template), re did the hacks from scratch, and tested each remaining line of altered code to see if it was doing something useful or not. If not, it didn't make it into my final copy.

The result is a "cleaner" blog template - At least on the code side. The final product (the blog) looks exactly the same. There's no difference in it visually. But I know the code has been cleaned, and for some odd reason, that makes my brain happy.


Josie said...

Yes, I can see it's much cleaner. . . um, is it the same thing if I'm seized with the desire to vacuum the house when i have marking to do? No?

Oh, being the computer literate person that you obviously are. . . do you know how to add a link that show's people's last post when they comment?

Also, is it bad blogging/commenting form to hijack people's comments area to push your own agenda. . . .
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

First laugh of my morning was this. Thank you :)

1) Similar to the vacuum thing, but only if no one but you would know the difference (even after you say "look I vacuumed!")

2) How to add a link that show's people's last post when they comment.... not sure what you mean. Oh wait, I think I do.... You mean so that if I comment on your blog, then by my comment, my name will show a link to the last post that I made on MY blog? That's either a Wordpress or a Typepad feature. I'm not sure I've ever seen it used in Blogger. -Is that what you mean though?

3) Nope! Lol! :D

Josie said...

Yep, that's what I mean. I thought it might be Wordpress. . . never mind. Cool wands. Can you cast any spells?
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...

I don't think it's impossible to do on Blogger. I just haven't seen it done. Your sidebar "Blog List" widget does something similar.

Re the wands, thanks! Of course I can ;) ;D

Josie said...

Um, then i have to go here: can you pretty please conjure me up a nice tall,smart man with great shoulders. . maybe one who likes to dance? Ta

I will investigate this option further. . .but i haven't seen any blogger blogs with it. . .

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