One Word: Example

A one minute writing exercise from One Word.



"She tried to lead by example. Unfortunately, her example wasn't a very good one."

"Example on a math test."

"Give me an example."

Ok, now the word is beginning to look funny to me. You know, from staring at it too long? I hate it when that happens.


Steph said...

One Word is fun! Example was tricky but you did great with it in 60 seconds! It takes me much longer than the prescribed time to even wrap my mind around one word. Anyways, I found your site via NaBloPoMo. (I like your b/w badge the best!) I'll link back after I figure out how to successfully add the badge. Thanks and keep it up!

Noisy Quiet said...

Hi Steph! Thanks so much for stopping by!

I don't know why I hit a dead end on that one. I've had trouble with several of their words. Others come quite easily. But it is fun :)

I'm glad you like the badge! I like that one too but it didn't match my site so I made the 2nd one too! lol!

If you have trouble figuring how to post the badge and/or link back, try the code I posted on NaBloPoMo (or on this blog).

Thanks again for the visit!

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