One Word: Specific

A one minute writing exercise from One Word.


Specific. Specifically what? Ugh. My mind is drawing a complete blank. I think this word is too specific. How about specimen? Can I write on that? It looks a little like that. No?

Could you be more specific about what you’d like me to write about?

(The sequel)


I would specifically like to know when the new word changes over on this site. Since I had this specific word yesterday and, though I can’t be too specific at the moment, what I wrote then wasn’t all that interesting. So I would like another word now please. Or I’d like to know at what specific time this site switches to new words so I can return then and write something a little less specific than this specific prose on this specific word. Specifically.


Josie said...

YOu could of used "persifically" as some people mispronounce "specific". . . Still not very helpful, hey?

Noisy Quiet said...

Lol! That's gotta be an Aussie thing (I'll bit it's a cockney thing too). I don't think we have that persific pronunciation here :D

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