I've got nuttin'

This is a placeholder. Because I'm tired. That's right. I'm writing a cop-out post for NaBloPoMo just so I can say I put something here on this date!

(I actually have several different things I could post but I really hate posting "filler" stuff. I mean heck if I'm going to post filler, let's be up front about it!)


Kelly said...

LOL - this is my favorite. Talk about integrity in blogging. You're awesome.

I really like the design, BTW. It's very whimsical and sweet without getting bogged down in overly floofiness, if you follow my meaning. The Noisy Quiet graphic is great, too, did you make it?

Noisy Quiet said...

Its really funny to me that THIS would be someone's favorite post Lol!

Re the design: Thank you! I'm glad that's what you see in it because that's kind of what I was trying for. Everything I made ended up looking TOO sweet or like a kid's site or a cupcake shop ;) I'd prefer more "whimsical" but I don't have the graphics for "whimsical." I hoped this would be a compromise, albeit still a bit on the "Maybe too nice side."

I "sort of" made the title graphic. Graphic Garden, which is listed in the credits for the current template (see link at very very bottom of page,) had a similar design for a word in one of their template sets. I used their roses and did the same thing they did, but with the words "Noisy Quiet." I actually just added that to the design credits. I don't think I'd made the title yet when I wrote those out.

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