One Word: Wand

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I used to have a magic wand. Actually I had several. I have one at the moment too. It lights up. I justified the purchase by telling myself it was a practical item. -Just cooler.

When I was younger the wands I had were magician’s wands. I had several. I had breaking wands, collapsing wands, linking wands, weighted wands… My first wand was made of wood. I loved it. I may even still have it. It’s been a while since I opened that trunk… Actually, I’m pretty sure I do still have it. I sewed a red fabric case for it, with a gold button. I’ve had that wand since I was five.

first magician's wand and case I made when I was 10.

(The "case" was made when I was ten)


Steph said...

Magic wands are fascinating. Love the classic b/w version with the case! When I was 10, I made mine of a thin dowel from the fabric store. Too bad I didn't keep it.

Noisy Quiet said...

Hi Steph!

That would have been fun! We could have had a whole series of "10 year old wands!" :D

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