More About My Supehero

* See yesterday's post for picture.

Ok so here's the deal...

First, let me say that the entire outfit, while being super comfortable, light weight, breathable, water repellant, odor resistant, and fantastic protection from the elements, is also bullet proof/fire proof/acid proof, and alien slime proof. It might even be volcano and nuclear bomb proof.

The cape: I know about capes and supeheroes, and I agree they're a bad idea. They get in the way, they get caught in things, they're not aerodynamic.... the things can kill you. -But they LOOK so COOL!!!!! In my world the cape works. 'Nuff said.

Black and purple: Why not. I also thought of going dark green but then I looked like Robin Hood.

The hair: That's pretty much how my hair would look on a very good day with a good cut. Unless it's tied back. I know... Ponytail, not good on a superhero. Turns into a big handle for them to grab you by. Long hair is also out as it can get caught in things. I figure mine's a decent compromise. Like the cape, in my world my superhero hair doesn't get caught in stuff, get in my eyes, or get in the way. It may also be bullet proof...

The shirt dress thing: It was the best option for me out of what was available. If the Superhero store gets new fashions I could upgrade.

Wonder Woman cuffs: - That's what they are. Do you not know your Superheroes? I saw those and was all "MINE!" :) (I know... Marvel.... D.C..... They're still Wonder Woman cuffs!) Big Wonder Woman fan as a kid. Luckily they're not restrictive at all and you don't even feel them or know that they're there! And of course they're bullet proof.

The claws: Bit of a fantasy. A few people I'd like to use them on. They're sans "Wolverine pain" too. Mine aren't grafted. They're more like phased in and out and guided by my movements but not attached to me per se. They're "in sync" with me. In a pinch they're also convenient for infiltrating computer systems, and picking locks.

The torch: Why not. A torch could be fun. And you don't really know that it's a regular torch. It could be a plasma torch, or my sidekick lifeform, or it could be a communicator...

... It could be cotton candy

- I could be a very hungry superhero.

Utility belt: Miraculously, you can't feel this thing at all either. It never falls off or gets in the way or gets caught on anything, nor do any of those pouches, enclosures, or any of the contents. -And it's there because that's my preferred way to carry things. I don't do well with things on my back or hanging off my shoulders. A good utility belt is practical. I haven't decided what's in it.

Leggings: I always wore leggings. I'd wear them again if I looked like that.

Boots: Of all the footwear options, these looked the most comfortable and the most practical. I liked the sneakers (Trainers? Tennies?) too, but these went better with the outfit. Heels and/or sandals while chasing a bad guy seem counter productive (people go on about capes?) These are like wearing pajamas except that they perfectly support every single motion of your feet and absorb all impacts. Even when you jump from ridiculous heights.

What's not in the picture:  No mask (have you ever worn a mask? Could you see anything?), no headwear (gives me a headache), and no tail (One less thing to get sucked into an air jet.)


Josie said...

Bravo! Very practical superhero outfit!

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you. Sadly, I did put almost that much thought into it when I was picking parts lol!

I want to see YOUR superhero :)

Kelly said...

I agree whole-heartedly with your stance against masks, but I'm still a little worried about that cape. Maybe you could save the cape for more formal superhero occasions? ;)

Noisy Quiet said...

Oh that's when the UBER cape comes out! You know... the one that SPARKLES! :D

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