One Word: Swept

A one minute writing exercise from One Word


Swept away...

Really that's all that comes to mind. That and sweeping. 

I swept for years before I got a vacuum. I don't have carpeting, and brooms were just easier to store. To this day I still have a small broom and dustpan hanging from the side of my toilet, from when I used to flush kitty litter and would inevitably spill some on the floor. 

That was 60 seconds.

A few side notes:

The litter was flushable. It was recycled newspaper bits and so long as I flushed no more than a scoop or two at a time, flushing it worked fine.  -And flushing was so much easier than having to run it outside to the garbage! But again... spillage ;) So I kept a small broom and dustpan hanging off the side of the tank.

I thought about moving the broom and dustpan set about a week ago, since I no longer have pets, but then I left it. It may not be a logical place to keep it anymore, but it's not in the way and I always know where it is. I doubt most people even notice it.


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