Unexpected benefit from watching the Space Station

I watched a little of the Space Station this week. It's been a while since I've done that. I found it calming in a "familiar" sort of way. Weird, I know, but since I watched it practically non-stop for about a week my brain now experiences a level of comfort when it sees it. Familiarity brings me a great deal of peace. (Well... good familiarity. Familiar crap makes me feel crappy!)

Watching the International Space Station this week also made me a little sad because some of my favorite astronauts will be returning to Earth soon but that's for another post. The post below, however, is yet another that I wrote a while ago and saved to draft. Here ya go:

*  *  *  *  *

I've pretty much finished my spree of space posts, but last night I discovered what I think might be a really great benefit from having watched the International Space Station for about a week. I was able to fly MUCH more easily in my dreams last night!

Oh sure, ROLL YOUR EYES, but you don't understand what an issue this has been for me! Do you know I actually had to develop a whole other technique for flying in my dreams? I've had SO much difficulty flying at times - which is annoying because WHOSE DREAM IS IT ANYWAY???!!! But, a few years ago, I figured out that I could sometimes levitate instead - directionally too. Which is a bit different but can sometimes achieve similar results when necessary. - When I'm aware enough to remember. (BTW, I found this was also the key to moving objects in my dreams. I tried "willing" things to move for months and got nowhere, but when I tried levitating them I was able to succeed.)

I lucid dream a lot. I have since I was four. And sometimes it gets boring, so I try to master new skills (- like telekenisis.) - You would too if you found yourself sitting in your kitchen every now and realized "Huh... I'm dreaming again... Now what?" I mean one can only fly out a window so many times. And visiting your favorite literary or television characters gets tricky because it's easy to lose lucidity once you get there, and then it rarely works out right.

Last night, for example, I got my outfit right, and I got a main character right, but the setting was totally wrong. - Yet another thing I have to work on. It's not the first time I've arrived someplace, looked around and said "Ok this isn't right... This is my dream... let's change it...." -and it doesn't change :P

So anyway, where was I?

Oh right... Flying. Much easier last night. And I think it might be due to having watched others do it so effortlessly for over a week now.

So if you have trouble flying in your dreams, might I suggest watching the space station... ;)


Judy said...

The question is - are you sure you're really dreaming ???

Noisy Quiet said...

I'd beter be before I jump out a window! ;)

That's actually one of the reasons I never used drugs. It wasn't for moral reasons. Had things been different I would have at least *tried* something. But I knew that if I felt like I was dreaming I'd run for a window! In dreams, when I was younger, people would try to tell me I was NOT dreaming and that I couldn't fly and as soon as I had a chance I'd jump out a window to show them I was right. I could TOTALLY see that playing out in real life! Hence, no mind altering stuff!

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