I'll do it

I've been really ambivalent about doing NaBloPoMo this year. My reasons are a bit complicated boring so I'll skip them for now. Suffice it to say I'll do it. I might even make a badge... somewhere between changing out my Halloween template, sorting through a bunch of paperwork, and oh yes, the hole in my ceiling.

Looky what I've brought for "Show and Tell!"

It's really more "show" since I did "tell" the past two days. See the broken bits on the right? That's where the closet ceiling is supposed to be. The wood slat stuff is above the ceiling and should be part of the mysterious invisible beyond.

Yesterday my eyes and nose were running from the mold. Today I have a headache from the bleach I wiped it down with. - Don't you wish you were me?

It's not the worst that could happen. I'm actually luckier than some of my neighbors.

I'll try to get a bit more organized on and off line today, and tomorrow I should be more entertaining. - Well, as entertaining as I've ever been ;) I may even re-write the first 3 November posts just because I can!



Judy said...

Ok, the hole in the ceiling . . . Do tell :)

Noisy Quiet said...

Lol! I "told" yesterday. See how uninteresting it was? ;) I got home from a trip Tuesday night to find that there was water damage in my apartment from the weekend storms, and that the ceiling in one of the closets had fallen in. - Fun times all around - NOT! ;)

Lots of cleanup yesterday and today and little room to walk in the kitchen where that closet's contents are temporarily "living." It's a bit hard to get regular life stuff done with workmen coming in and out, but so it will be for the next "however long it takes" for them to fix the hole, paint the hole, and then plaster and paint a few other water damaged areas. - Then I'll get to clean up after *that* too!

Again, it could have been far worse, but I've got stuff to do and "closet cave in" was not on my original list!

Judy said...

haha! I promise I did read yesterday, I must have zoned out for a minute! Well, I'm sorry about your hole and all the junk that goes with it. Happy cleaning!

Stella said...

At least the workmen are actually there! I'm amazed. Surely it won't take them that long? As long as they didn't utter the famous words of doom my dad or my husband used to say when tackling a job, "Shouldn't take too long." then it was guaranteed to exceed their best guestimate by several hours.
What is that light up there? At first I thought you had a clear view to the moon- cool, huh? But then I realized that no, that's not what it is.

Noisy Quiet said...

Judy, you make me laugh! :D Thanks!

Stella, well they weren't going to come today, but then I wrote letter #3 to the landlord and within the next hour I had three different people in my apartment cleaning, taking pictures etc ;) A day late but they got here. Landlord doesn't like paper trails showing slacking on their part ;)

Re the light, that's the light from my flashlight lol! I tried to take a picture without it and nothing came out. - No flash on the phone camera!

FYI, I promise I'll get to both of your blogs very soon. I'm still scrambling here!

Anonymous said...

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Noisy Quiet said...

So, Anonymous...

You did a search on the web for "I'll do it." And found my blog, and dozens of others, and you left messages on most or all of those blogs saying "nice post." Since you don't link to anywhere in your comments, it's hard to classify you as spam, so I'll just say "thanks!"

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