My ears are ringing

I was playing around with some phone apps that make high frequency sounds. The kinds that only dogs can hear etc. - Don't ask. They were free.

I found I could hear all the tones marked for various age groups (only people under 30 can hear these... only kids under 10... etc.) but one let me crank up the frequency to a point where I really could not hear it anymore. - But it made me feel ill. And now, (from the tones I could hear, I think) I have an annoying "after ringing" in my ears. - And yes the app is OFF! :P

I need some kind of "anti-tone" app now. To get rid of the ringing. Wonder if someone makes that...?

* Searching.... *

They do!

Not surprisingly, they charge for those! >:o|


Judy said...

Well, the charge for the app is probably a lot less than the charge for an audiologist :)

Noisy Quiet said...

I think there's probably a very convenient link between the companies that make free apps that make your ears ring, and the paid apps that make them stop ;)

Judy said...

that just seems so wrong . . . but probably so true!

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