Totally Kid Carousel

A friend and I decided to check out a park we'd never been to. I was particularly excited to learn that there was a carousel in the park, though from the few pictures I'd seen, I thought it looked kind of… odd.

Yellow horse and spiders

Seeing the carousel in person did little to change my opinion of it - initially

It was very bright, very colorful, and I couldn't help thinking WHAT THE HECK DRUGS WAS THE DESIGNER ON WHEN HE MADE THIS??? These were the scariest, most brightly colored, misshapen, creatures I'd ever seen! 

Slicker - no one seems to know what a 'slicker' is. The second animal is unlisted. We think it's a cow.


Spiders and Octopus


It was obviously meant to be whimsical and quirky, but all I could think was "Seriously, dude… what was up???"

And then… I figured it out.

Above each carousel animal was a drawing. A child's drawing.


Cat and not-a-crab. It's an elephant.

And at the base of each animal, was a signature. 


The artist, Milo Mottola, had brought the children's drawings to life - exactly as they'd been drawn.






- I love this, and now think it's coolest carousel EVER!

(I didn't notice the guy in the video until after I uploaded it. "Hello Mr. Parks Person!")

Go back through the pictures and try to guess what the animals are. Roll over each one for the answer.

Read more about the Totally Kid Carousel.



Judy said...

What an amazing carousel! And what a trip for these children to see their drawings brought to life! Love the teeth on the deer! I liked Slicker . . . kind of makes you use your imagination . . . but I didn't like the spiders, for obvious reasons!

Noisy Quiet said...

Isn't that cool? I went from thinking "What the heck is this thing?" to "Oooooh! I LIKE THIS!!!!" :D

FYI, I thought of these spiders when I read your post! lol! The rainbow colored thing with the spikes is also a spider - much to my amusement! (In front of the black spider and yellow web.)

Noisy Quiet said...

Oh, and about the children, on the artist's site, there are some pictures of them with their animals. They also get to ride free for life :)

Judy said...

Very very cool. I'll have to look at the website. Oh, I really liked the chihuahua! Where do you live that you get to see such fun stuff??

Noisy Quiet said...

How hilarious is the chihuahua?!! My friend and I walked around trying to guess what each animal was. When we got home and looked up the site we were so surprised by what some of them were! I think I guessed the chihuahua was a bunny. The lizard had us really stumped. I think I said ant eater and my friend said badger.

Stella said...

ISn't that just the best thing! Fabulous!

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